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I probably have to give up coffee...

*sniff* and I don't want to!

From a good article sent to me by my mother  Gluten Issues or Celiac? Don’t Drink Coffee!

"In a nutshell, fairly recent lab research has revealed that 10% of coffee is a protein that cross reacts with gluten antibodies.

This means that if you are gluten sensitive or celiac and are avoiding gluten containing grains or perhaps have even gone completely grain free, if you still drink coffee there is a strong likelihood that the protein in the coffee is triggering the very same gluten related health problems you are trying to avoid."

Lovely! At least I like tea, but it doesn't quite have the *kick* of coffee. Maybe I can keep a can around to sniff when I need a mood boost (yes I know I sound like a total addict with that statement!)

Another interesting point, especially about symptoms of gluten sensitivity, which I had no idea about!

Most people who are gluten sensitive don’t realize it because gastrointestinal problems like burping, gas, tummy upset, or toilet issues are the least common way for gluten issues to present themselves!

The most common symptoms of gluten sensitivity?

Migraines and other neurological issues – even MS!

Hormone and endocrine problems are another common way for gluten issues to manifest themselves.

There's more information here at Dr. Clark's blog, guess I'm giving up coffee.


Jul. 12th, 2012 06:54 pm (UTC)
Wow I'm so glad to know this. I went coffee free and was feeling better for months. ONly recently added coffee and had some troubles, I thought it was from eating out a few times, sad to know I could be "glutening" myself without gluten *doh*. I had some genetic testing done and found out I'm a slow caffeine metabolizer anyway so I never drank a lot of coffee or tea because it was too much of a buzz.

I think I'll cut it and see if I start doing better. If it isn't one thing it is another with celiacs :( I feel for you.

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