Kickstarter has launched!

Its been a big work in progress for the last month of so, but the kickstarter to fund the Master Tailor's book publication has finally launched! Katherine Barich and I have been working hard on the manuscript, and arranging all the details for the photographs and permissions, and we are very excited to make this book a reality.

Here's the Kickstarter link where you can read more about it, and watch the video: Drei Schnittbucher: Three 16th century Austrian Master Tailor's books


Trip plans

I am off to Germany April 13-28! Plane tickets purchased, rail pass on the way, and a preliminary schedule hammered out. But, planning a trip is SO exhausting, especially one with so many moving parts. I have list of museums that I NEED to see, a few that I want to see, and trying to fit all that in, plus a few other stops that I have found along the way... I know it will all work out, and I'll see the places that I need to see, I'm just trying not to miss anything crucial that might give me a puzzle piece that I might need.

So far, I'm going to Berlin, Potsdam, Dresden, Wittemberg, and Wurzberg, then off to a Drakenvald event for the weekend. Then photographing some must see places in Nuremberg on Sunday afternoon, and then since I don't know where I'm staying yet, I may see  Bamberg on Monday, or have a rest day somewhere else, Bad Windsheim is a possibility, they are supposed to have a good archeological museum there. Schwabische Hall is on the schedule for Tuesday (Darmstadt Madonna!!), and touring Kronach and possibly Veste Coburg on Wednesday. Thursday I'm off to Munich to meet my sister who's flying in from Portugal, and we're hitting the Munich museums and castles. Fly home on Sunday,

Yes, its going to be a working research trip, and I'll be a combination of exhausted and pumped when I get home. There are going to be TONS of photos and lots of neat things that I'll see in person, and only understand the importance of them when I get home and see the photo. I'm sure I'll get snide comments from at least ONE senior German lady about these foreign tourists and their cameras, thankfully I don't understand German all that well!

10 years, and back to the same dress

10 years ago, in March 2003, I got started on this crazy adventure of historical clothing by being intrigued with the Leonfelder 37 gown. Now, with 10 years of experience behind me, I find myself coming back to this dress, and looking at it with fresh eyes. I see the tailor play with bias grain, where I didn't see it before. I have the tools to do actual research instead of just stumbling around in the dark, wondering which end is up (Oh, the original dress diary is painful!!!).

And somewhere in all of this, my writing muse decided to show up, and the words on all sorts of topics have started to flow from my fingers. Its like I had to come full circle in order to move forward, a returning to my roots in order to sprout and move up,  which in some odd way makes sense to me.

Now I can analyze and explain this dress, not just try to comprehend the basics. I'm sure in another 10 years, I'll look back on this attempt and see things that I didn't see this time, its just the way things are.

1920's Magazines and Garments

I'm working on my monumental de-stash project, one small bit at a time..... I thought I'd post this here before I posted it to Ebay, just in case anyone wanted anything..

I've got the following 1920's era magazines and pamphelts from the Women's Institute for sale, I'd like $20 for each magazine. You can see photos of all the magazines here.

Fashion Service Magazines

Fashion Service Fall and Winter 1924 - 1925
Fashion Service Fall 1925
Fashion Service Fall 1926
Fashion Service February 1929
Fashion Service June 1929

Correspondance Course books 
Draping and designing with scissors and cloth (1924)
Dress decoration and ornament (1925)
Ribbon and Fabric trimmings (1925) [Also has the original, graded, exam sheet]
Dress Development (1923)
Underwear and Lingerie part one (1916,1921)
Underwear and Lingerie part two (1916,1921)
Maternity and Infants' garments (1927)

I also have 3 1920's dresses that are just for study. Photos are here
3 1920's Gowns for Study

The three dresses are: a rayon house or day dress, yellow duchess silk satin and lace gown, and a pale blue/green silk taffeta gown. I'd like $30 for  the lot.

Comment below if you want anything.

I probably have to give up coffee...

*sniff* and I don't want to!

From a good article sent to me by my mother  Gluten Issues or Celiac? Don’t Drink Coffee!

"In a nutshell, fairly recent lab research has revealed that 10% of coffee is a protein that cross reacts with gluten antibodies.

This means that if you are gluten sensitive or celiac and are avoiding gluten containing grains or perhaps have even gone completely grain free, if you still drink coffee there is a strong likelihood that the protein in the coffee is triggering the very same gluten related health problems you are trying to avoid."

Lovely! At least I like tea, but it doesn't quite have the *kick* of coffee. Maybe I can keep a can around to sniff when I need a mood boost (yes I know I sound like a total addict with that statement!)

Another interesting point, especially about symptoms of gluten sensitivity, which I had no idea about!

Most people who are gluten sensitive don’t realize it because gastrointestinal problems like burping, gas, tummy upset, or toilet issues are the least common way for gluten issues to present themselves!

The most common symptoms of gluten sensitivity?

Migraines and other neurological issues – even MS!

Hormone and endocrine problems are another common way for gluten issues to manifest themselves.

There's more information here at Dr. Clark's blog, guess I'm giving up coffee. Update

I finally changed the DNS servers to point to the new website on the new webhost today. The site appears to mainly be working OK, but will work better when I can get simple things like the URL's resolving properly, etc.  which will probably happen when the DNS servers have had 24 hours to settle, or I call tech support.

Ah websites, gotta love them!