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1920's Magazines and Garments

I'm working on my monumental de-stash project, one small bit at a time..... I thought I'd post this here before I posted it to Ebay, just in case anyone wanted anything..

I've got the following 1920's era magazines and pamphelts from the Women's Institute for sale, I'd like $20 for each magazine. You can see photos of all the magazines here.

Fashion Service Magazines

Fashion Service Fall and Winter 1924 - 1925
Fashion Service Fall 1925
Fashion Service Fall 1926
Fashion Service February 1929
Fashion Service June 1929

Correspondance Course books 
Draping and designing with scissors and cloth (1924)
Dress decoration and ornament (1925)
Ribbon and Fabric trimmings (1925) [Also has the original, graded, exam sheet]
Dress Development (1923)
Underwear and Lingerie part one (1916,1921)
Underwear and Lingerie part two (1916,1921)
Maternity and Infants' garments (1927)

I also have 3 1920's dresses that are just for study. Photos are here
3 1920's Gowns for Study

The three dresses are: a rayon house or day dress, yellow duchess silk satin and lace gown, and a pale blue/green silk taffeta gown. I'd like $30 for  the lot.

Comment below if you want anything.

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