Marion (mmcnealy) wrote,

Trip plans

I am off to Germany April 13-28! Plane tickets purchased, rail pass on the way, and a preliminary schedule hammered out. But, planning a trip is SO exhausting, especially one with so many moving parts. I have list of museums that I NEED to see, a few that I want to see, and trying to fit all that in, plus a few other stops that I have found along the way... I know it will all work out, and I'll see the places that I need to see, I'm just trying not to miss anything crucial that might give me a puzzle piece that I might need.

So far, I'm going to Berlin, Potsdam, Dresden, Wittemberg, and Wurzberg, then off to a Drakenvald event for the weekend. Then photographing some must see places in Nuremberg on Sunday afternoon, and then since I don't know where I'm staying yet, I may see  Bamberg on Monday, or have a rest day somewhere else, Bad Windsheim is a possibility, they are supposed to have a good archeological museum there. Schwabische Hall is on the schedule for Tuesday (Darmstadt Madonna!!), and touring Kronach and possibly Veste Coburg on Wednesday. Thursday I'm off to Munich to meet my sister who's flying in from Portugal, and we're hitting the Munich museums and castles. Fly home on Sunday,

Yes, its going to be a working research trip, and I'll be a combination of exhausted and pumped when I get home. There are going to be TONS of photos and lots of neat things that I'll see in person, and only understand the importance of them when I get home and see the photo. I'm sure I'll get snide comments from at least ONE senior German lady about these foreign tourists and their cameras, thankfully I don't understand German all that well!
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