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Juggling life, liberty and happiness

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This journal has two parts, the public entries are research oriented and the friends only entries are more about my life and family. If you friend me, I may or may not friend you back, depending on your interests and post content. Please don't be offended if I don't friend you back.

In the SCA I'm known as Dame Sophia Kress OL and I play as I'm able, which isn't much these days due to having a small child. I've played in An Tir, the West, Atlantia, the East, Drachenwald, and now live back in An Tir where I started. I love to teach and so this blog and my website are my attempts at teaching and sharing the knowledge that I have and find.

My persona is a merchant's wife from early to mid 1500's Nuremburg. I'm working on fleshing out more of her daily life, what she ate, when she woke up, etc. I'm always working on some item of clothing for this portryal and am unraveling the mystery of the steuchlein and the wulsthaube.

Professionally, I'm a full time Mom and housewife, and part time Editor for three online magazines Your Wardrobe Unlock'd, Foundations Revealed and <a